Building Information

Building Access

All customers need an access card to gain entry into the office floors at Gateway Village. An access card is required at the perimeter revolving doors of the 800 building prior to entering the building’s lobby. In the case of the 900 building, general lobby access is available to Bytes Café, the YMCA, and University Dental Associates during normal business hours. However, an access card is required to pass through the main lobby security elevator portals.

Non-bank occupants who need card access permissions should complete the Building Access Card Application located in the Forms section and return it to Cousins Properties for approval.

Bank of America associates need an access card to gain access to Bank of America occupied floors at Gateway Village. Access cards for Bank of America associates are issued by an Access Control Representative (ACR) within Bank of America. Cousins Properties cannot grant this access for Bank of America associates. ACRs are individuals appointed to manage access for a specific physical area or category. Bank of America associates with questions regarding this program should contact the Card Access Control Center at 888-787-7513.

Weekend and After Hours:
800 Building: Anyone with card access to the automated revolving doors has 24/7 access. 
900 Building: Access must be granted by Cousins Properties. A request for access begins by completing the Building Access Card Application located in the Forms section.

Building occupants need to pre-register their visitors using the SAFE VMS (Visitor Management System).

Bank of America associates should login here: https://va1pz2wsewsdee/SAFESelfService/default.aspx
Non-bank associates should login here:

Login ID:  Your email Address
Password: Enter your password in lower case

Visitors will check in with Security at either the 800 Welcome Center or the 900 Lobby Security Desk. Security will confirm that the visitor is pre-registered by requesting a photo ID. They will then issue a visitor access badge with a bar code in order to give access. For questions regarding the SAFE visitor system, contact BAC Support at 877-724-8266.

Lost or Stolen Access Cards:

Any access card believed to be lost or stolen should be immediately reported to an ACR or manager for deactivation. In addition, Gateway Village Security should be notified at 980-683-0000.

Terminated Employees:

Call Security at 980-683-0000 to provide the identification number on the access card belonging to any terminated employee. Non-bank customers should also return the card to Security.

Forgotten Cards:

Anyone who forgets to bring their access card will need to have their name placed in SAFE, the building’s online visitor system. Neither Cousins Properties nor Security can provide access.


Customers coordinating meetings will be responsible for coordinating access. Any participant without valid card access will need to be placed in SAFE VMS.


Access cards may be suspended without notice following a period of non-use.


Contractors or Vendors performing work at Gateway Village must follow the policies and procedures found in the Work Access Procedures section of this web-site.

Other Access Related Topics:

For the safety of all employees, the following actions below are not permitted:

  • Propped Doors (this includes electrical, mechanical, utility, and telephone rooms)
  • Multiple person entry using a single access card
  • Attempting to allow multiple persons through a single opening in the revolving door
  • Entering or Exiting through Emergency Exits when access is not authorized

Persons abusing their access rights may be subject to access deactivation or termination. If you witness a breach in access security, please contact Security at (980) 683-0000 along with your manager.

After Hours HVAC

Requests for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) service before or after standard operating hours should be made by placing a Work Order no later than 12:00pm prior to the time and date service is needed. After-hours service may be denied if the request is not given in a timely manner, or in the event of conflict with scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs. Additional charges for after-hours HVAC service are billed in accordance with the Lease Agreement, including Holidays.

Janitorial Services

Nightly janitorial services are provided Sunday through Thursday.

Regular Janitorial Services

  • High Traffic Area Vacuuming (lobbies, conference rooms, walkways, corridors, etc.)
  • Mopping (hard surfaces in file rooms, copy rooms and break rooms)
  • Cleaning of Break Room Tables and Counters
  • Wiping Down Conference Room Tables
  • Emptying Wastebaskets (liners changed as needed)
  • Mopping/Sanitizing Restrooms (floors, fixtures, toilets, sinks and urinals)
  • Cleaning Mirrors and Water Fountains

Periodic Detailed Janitorial Services

  • Wall-to-Wall Vacuuming All Carpeted Areas, including cubicals
  • Spot Cleaning Carpets as requested
  • Buffing Hard Surfaces
  • Dusting Horizontal Surfaces (bookcases and cabinets)
  • High Dusting of Picture Frames, Mirrors and Cubicle Tops
  • Low Dusting of Baseboards and Window Ledges
  • Cleaning of Glass Partitions, Doors and Sidelights
  • Wiping Down Break Room Appliances
  • Cleaning Restroom Partitions and Doors

Base building cleaning services do not include dusting of phones, computer equipment, or other office equipment. Base building cleaning does not include cleaning inside of refrigerators or microwaves. Please contact the Cousins Management Office to schedule cleaning services over and above base building cleaning. These will be performed at the tenant’s expense.

Refrigerator cleaning is performed on the third Sunday of each month and only by special request. A Work Order should be completed and submitted to schedule this cleaning. Items in the refrigerator should be removed prior to the cleaning. Long shelf life items such as condiments and salad dressings should be placed in a “SAVE” Box and labeled.

Deliveries and Loading Dock

The Gateway Village loading dock is available for authorized deliveries and pick-ups. Delivery drivers should complete and submit a Work Access Form, located in the Forms section, to ensure timely access. All incoming dock traffic is required to check in with security prior to entering the dock area. Tenants should note that long-term contractor, vendor or tenant parking is not permitted on the loading dock.

Bulk deliveries are made at the loading dock through the Dock Master. The entrance is located off of 5th Street at 906 West Fifth Street (between the 900 Building and the 950 Parking Lot). Please call 704-350-6200 to schedule.

The address for the Welcome Center is:

800 West Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Please make sure that all deliveries have a tenant contact name and telephone number. The Welcome Center officer will contact the recipient when the delivery is made. Please be aware that the Welcome Center will not accept or sign for deliveries.

Catering and Equipment Deliveries

All caterers must use the Loading Dock. The entrance is located off of 5th Street between the 900 Building and the 950 Parking lot.

The address for the Loading Dock is:

900 West Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202


Elevators (Passenger and Service)

Passenger elevators with marble floors and stainless steel walls are available for floor to floor travel. For everyone’s safety and convenience, as well as to prevent damage to the elevators, service elevators must be used when carts or dollies are required. Service elevators are in the following building locations:

  • 900 Building: Two
  • 800 Building: Four (one per building core)

To ensure minimal service delays, customers are asked to not use the service elevators for non-delivery floor to floor travel.

All elevators are equipped with an emergency intercom system that is directly connected to the Security Command Center. All elevators are identified with a number posted on the elevator panel door. When reporting information regarding an elevator, please refer to the number of the elevator. Please report any undue delays or concerns regarding the elevators to the Cousins Management Office.

Tenant Representative Committee (TRC)

The Tenant Representative Committee (TRC) Program is designed to provide an effective communications conduit between building management and approximately 4,000 plus occupants at Gateway Village. The group is comprised of one or two persons from each Bank of America line of business on each floor, and one or two members from each non-bank tenant.

The TRC member is an effective communicator between Cousins Properties and the constituents on their floor and will forward all Cousins Properties e-mail announcements to a larger group of co-workers. The Building Management Team hosts quarterly catered TRC luncheons to notify tenants of upcoming events and changes within the building. It is during these meetings that the TRC members have the opportunity to discuss topics such as security, janitorial, parking, and maintenance. These meetings are also planned to function as education sessions regarding the behind-the-scenes building management activities and services provided to keep the building operating comfortably, safely and professionally. If you would like to volunteer for your floor or department or if you have questions about what a TRC member does, please call the Management Office at (704) 350-6200.

Mail, Recycling and Other Services

Mail Services

Mail pick up time is 12:30pm and FedEx's pickup time is 6:30pm. Bulk stamps are available for purchase in the Welcome Center. For outgoing express mail, drop boxes are located on 5th Street near Bytes.


Gateway Village is pleased to participate in an aggressive recycling program with O'Leary Waste. The Gateway Village facility has two main dumpsters located in the basement including one for cardboard/recycling and another for trash/landfille. All trash and recyclable materials are picked up by O'Leary and transported back to their warehouse to be sorted and separated. O'Leary uses a combination of machinery and well trained workers to ensure all recyclable materials are sorted, separated, and kept out of the landfill.

The largest contaminate of recyclable materials is wet food waste, so please educate your employees and assocatiates to discard of all food waste in a central breakroom or kitchen area. Janitorial has been trained to use black plastic bags for all non-recyclable materials including wet food and restroom waste, whereas DRY comingled recyclable materials should be kept in clear plastic bags. Black bags go straight to the landfill; whereas clear plastic bags with dry materials are sorted and separated for recycling. *Please note that deskside blue bins were designated by Bank of America for confidential shredding; therefore janitorial will not pick up the deskside blue bins. Please follow your company's policy on shredding secure/sensitive documents, and continue to discard of dry recyclable materials at your desk and wet food waste in the kitchen. Large cardboard boxes should be broken down prior to janitorial picking them up from your office. The janitorial staff will collect normal amounts of cardboard each night and dispose of them in the cardboard compactor in the basement. If you have a lot of cardboard that needs to be picked up, please ensure all cardboard is broken down and then generate a work order for a special pickup. Janitorial has been notified not to pick up cardboard that has not been broken down.

Pest Control

Exterior perimeter and common area pest control is performed on a monthly basis in all buildings. Tenants who experience pest problems within their suite should contact the Cousins Management Office to request special extermination services for problem areas. Non-emergency requests will be handled during the next scheduled extermination visit. Emergency situations will be expedited.