Welcome to Gateway Village, one of the most dynamic settings in Charlotte's Central Business District. At over one million rentable square feet, Gateway Village is anchored by Bank of America. Its customers and service providers employ approximately 4,000 people.

Gateway Village is at the heart of an expansive revitalization of West Trade Street and Third Ward. Third Ward offers an excellent location from which to enjoy everything the Center City has to offer. With retail services in and around Gateway Village, the opportunities to be part of the vibrant surroundings are virtually limitless.

The design for this urban development began with a carved out acre for open gardens, walkways and a large promenade that is the highlight of the community environment. The garden is a stylized figure eight, wider on the terraced higher ground that faces the main road. The footprint and front elevations of the buildings echo the shape of the carved open space, reinforcing its prominence.

The promenade and its first floor retail shops are sheltered above by the back lit glass and aluminum ceiling of a sky bridge that connects the two sides of the 800 building. Both the garden and the promenade are open spaces, intended to be utilized by both building occupants and residents of the area. The large promenade also serves as a grand place to host community events such as fundraising walks, concerts, community gatherings and festivals.