The Parking Garage is located at 700 West Trade Street ("Parking Facility").

The Parking Office is located directly inside the lower level entrance of West 5th Street. Parking Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. It is operated by LAZ Parking ("Garage Manager").

The onsite parking manager can be reached at:
Parking Office: 704-350-6218 
Parking Office Fax: 704-350-6216

Parking payments can be made online at:

These rules and regulations ("Rules") apply to all users. Customers are responsible for informing their guests and visitors of these Rules. Parking in the Parking Facility creates no bailment. The owner of Gateway Village ("Garage Owner"), its employees and its contractors assume no responsibility for any damage to or theft of vehicles or personal property. Garage Manager will issue warning citations for most minor or first time violations. However, parkers found in violation of these Rules are subject to having their vehicle(s) towed, immobilized (booted) or otherwise impounded without prior notification and at the expense of the vehicle owner. Garage Owner will have the absolute authority to issue to any parker or operator in the Parking Facility who violates these rules a notice of violation, or a ticket, which may result in the imposition of fines in accordance with Garage Owner’s then current practices and procedures. Persons issued tickets or notices of violation of these rules three (3) or more times in any month or five (5) or more times in any 12-month period may have their parking/operations privileges indefinitely suspended or canceled and are subject to having their vehicles towed without further warning. Furthermore, any owner or operator of a vehicle who violates these Rules in an effort to avoid payment or redirect payment of parking fees due to Garage Owner may have their parking privileges indefinitely suspended or canceled.

Unauthorized vehicles may be towed without warning. All authorized parkers involved in unauthorized use of permits will have their parking privileges canceled. Entering or using the Parking Facility without paying for parking or by using a borrowed, lost or stolen access card may constitute a crime under state law punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

The following practices are prohibited:

  • Double Parking
  • Unauthorized Use of Parking Access Cards
  • Fraudulent Parking
  • Blocking Traffic, Crosswalks, Sidewalks or Disabled Ramps
  • Unauthorized Parking in a Reserved Space
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Repeated Violations of Rules and Regulations
  • Parking Outside Lines
  • Unauthorized Parking in Reserved Spaces
  • Parking in/on Sidewalks, Curbs, Crosswalks or Driveways
  • Obstructing Drive Aisles
  • Expired License Plates
  • Parking in Areas Marked "No Parking"
  • Trailers - All Types
  • Residential Parking Outside of Nested or Reserved Areas
  • Parking in Areas Temporarily Closed by Traffic Control Devices
  • Unauthorized Visitor Parking
  • Skateboarding or Roller Skating
  • Automotive Washing or Maintenance
  • Soliciting or Advertising
  • Abandonment of Furniture and/or Trash

Registration and Card Access

Monthly parking customers must apply for and display the parking access card issued in the manner prescribed by LAZ Parking. Customers may register only their own vehicles. Lost or stolen access cards will be replaced at the prevailing rate. Current vehicle make, model and license plate information must be maintained on all monthly-parked vehicles.


Customers should ensure that unattended vehicles are locked at all times and are urged to keep valuables out of sight. Customers should report any crime or suspected criminal activity to the police and should also inform LAZ Parking, Cousins Properties and the Security Command Center at (980) 683-0000. LAZ Parking or Security will assist in summoning police or other contacts but do not have the authority or jurisdiction to investigate or act upon a crime.

Collisions and Other Accidents

Do not move vehicles from the point of impact unless there is an immediate threat to life or property or unless the vehicles obstruct traffic. Customers should submit any claims for damage to their own insurance agency and report the details of any accident to the Parking Office. An incident report will be completed and an investigation will be performed to determine the cause of the claim. Cousins Properties and the Garage Operator are not responsible for damage to vehicles or personal property.

Access Card Operations

The Gateway Village Parking Facility uses a proxy card access control system. Monthly parkers are issued an access card that should be touched to the reader at the gate.  Valid cards will raise gates to let monthly parkers enter and exit. Monthly parkers who forget their access card can still use any entrance, but must push the button to pull a ticket to enter. Prior to exiting, present the ticket, with your signature to Parking Office to avoid paying the hourly rate. If your access card will not work while you are trying to exit the facility, please use the intercom for further assistance.

Vehicle Entrances and Exits

The Parking Facility offers monthly parkers six entrance lanes and five exit lanes utilizing both West Trade Street and West 5th Street. Visitors are able to use any of the same lanes to enter or exit with any form of payment, with the exception of cash payments, which must exit on the Level 1 at the main 5th Street exit. Please follow overhead signs to all appropriate entrances and exits.

Monthly Parking Locations

Monthly parkers are able to park in any non-reserved, legal space on any of the facility’s eight levels. Please remember that there are several types of reserved spaces or areas on each level that are enforced at all times. Each of these restricted spaces is signed as such and should be avoided

Security Escorts

Escorts from the Parking Facility to Gateway Village are available by contacting Security or the Parking Office via the facility intercom system, by phone or in person. Intercom stations are located in each entry/exit lane on levels one and two and at the bottom of all Emergency Assistance call boxes located throughout the Parking Facility.

Other Services

LAZ Parking is pleased to offer the following services to our parkers.

  • Flat-Tire Assistance
  • Dead Battery Assistance
  • Lost Vehicle Assistance

Two-Wheeled Vehicles and Conveyances

Except for visitors, customers must register motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. Bicycles may be parked only in the bicycle racks provided. Two-Wheeled vehicles or bicycles may be parked in the Parking Facility without charge if parked in designated areas for them; provided, however, they may not be parked or stored in or around stairwells, hallways or ramps; against any tree bush, plant; or against any electrical fixture signpost, railing, seating fixture, fire standpipe or emergency exit.

Motorcyclists should enter the Parking Facility at the main 5th Street entrance and park their motorcycles in the designated areas that exist before the automated entry gates. Garage Owner and Parking Manager shall not be responsible for any injuries sustained to any person or property by reason of said person bringing a motorcycle into the Parking Facility.

Handicapped Parking

Parking for those with a disability is provided in the garage, with spaces typically located adjacent to the elevator lobbies. Customers using these spaces are required to display the current form of authorization provided by the government. Citations are issued to violators and improperly parked vehicles may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. Please contact the Parking Office for any additional information.

Visitor Parking

Hourly parking rates are posted upon entering the parking deck. All visitors should remove a ticket from the ticket dispenser when entering and, upon exiting, use the automated pay station at the lower exit on 5th Street. The pay station accepts cash and credit cards.

Hybrid Parking

Special parking is reserved on the 1st floor of the parking deck for hybrid automobiles. This area of the garage also has four dedicated spaces to accommodate electric vehicles.

Towing Service

If your vehicle needs to be towed from the deck or needs to be serviced, please contact the Parking Office and ask to speak to a manager. If your vehicle requires towing, the manager will need to assist the tow truck when exiting the parking areas to prevent the gate arm from damaging the vehicle being towed.

Vehicle Clearance Level

The clearance level of the parking deck is nine (9) feet on Levels 1 and 2; seven (7) feet on Levels 3 through 7.

Speed Limit

The maximum speed limit in the Parking Facility is five (5) miles per hour.

Improper Use of Vehicles

Vehicles parked within the Parking Facility may not be used as living quarters on an overnight temporary basis. Children or animals may not be left unattended in vehicles.

Destruction of Property

Any person who damages any property in the Parking Facility (e.g. breaking a gate (intentionally or accidentally), running into parking equipment, removal of Garage Owner's parking equipment, or removing signs), whether willfully or by accident, will be held financially responsible for repairs to, or replacement of, such property, and may not access or operate in the Parking Facility until payments due under this paragraph have been made.

Dangerous Situations

No parked vehicle will be permitted to create a dangerous situation (e.g. leaking gasoline or oil, fire, and parking too close to electrical equipment) as determined by Owner or Garage Manager, in their sole discretion. If the vehicle owner or operator is a Monthly Parker, a reasonable attempt will be made to contact this person in order to allow him or her to remove the vehicle, unless, in the sole judgement of Owner, an emergency situation exists.

Parking Facility Repairs and Closure

Owner reserves the right to close all or any portion of the Parking Facility (a) in order to make repairs or perform maintenance services, or to alter, modify, restripe or renovate the Parking Facility, or (b) if required by casualty, strike, condemnation, act of God, governmental law or requirement or other reason beyond Owner’s reasonable control.

Liability for Denial of Access

If an authorized parker who has complied fully with these rules and regulations is denied access to the Parking Facility without cause, the Garage Owner's liability will be limited to reimbursement of such parking charges as may have been paid in advance for the period of time during which the authorized parker was denied access.

Disclaimer of Liability

Garage Owner will not be liable to any person for (i) any injury to person or property arising from or out of any occurrence in, upon, at, or relating to the Parking Facility or any part thereof or any loss or damage to a vehicle or other property (including loss of use thereof) of any authorized parker or of any other person from any cause whatsoever, whether or not such injury, loss or damage results from any fault, default, negligence, act or omission of Garage Owner, or its agents, servants, employees, or any other person for whom Garage Owner is legally responsible, (ii) any injury, loss, or damage caused by other tenants, authorized parkers, visitors, drivers, vehicle operators or any person in the Parking Facility, including but not limited to, uninvited guests, trespassers, occupants of adjoining property, or by any member of the public, or by construction or renovation, or by any private, public or quasi-public work, or by interruption, cessation or failure of any public or other utility service in the Parking Facility, and/or for (iii) any injury to any person utilizing the Parking Facility caused by Garage Owner's exercise of any right or remedy that Garage Owner may have under these rules and regulations, Garage Owner's operation of the Parking Facility, or any measures taken by Garage Owner in an emergency.

Resident Parking (Post Gateway/Gateway Plaza/Gateway Lofts)

Residents are assigned a reserved space in an area prescribed by the governing documents of the Parking Facility. The parking access card is programmed to allow entrance to the assigned area. Residents have 30 minutes from the time they enter the Facility until they must park in their reserved space. Failure to park in the assigned space will cause the access card to change to Pass Back mode. If this occurs, the resident must pay the "Lost Ticket" fee at the automated pay station on the first floor. This fee is non-refundable. Please notify the Parking Office to reset the access card.