Policies & Procedures


For your convenience, we have included downloadable and printable pdf forms that will expedite various building management service requests. Hard copies of all forms are available from the Property Management Office as well.

Work Access Request Form (Document will download as word document)

Building Access Card Application

Evacuation Procedures

Click on the links below to watch a brief video outlining evacuation procedures for each building at Gateway Village.

800 Building Evacuation Procedures

900 Building Evacuation Procedures

Moving Procedures

To optimize communication and coordination between building management staff, tenants and the mover, the following guidelines must be followed whenever there is a move in or out of Gateway Village.

  1. Moves are not allowed during normal business hours.
  2. Notify the Cousins Management Office of the proposed date and time of the move and the moving plan. Approval by Cousins is required before final plans are set.
  3. A current Certificate of Insurance form that meets the Owner’s requirements must be on file for the moving company prior to the move. 
  4. Use the service elevators to move all items. The loading area is located next to the 900 Building on the Irwin Street side. All moves must occur via the loading dock. No street-side moves are permitted.
  5. Passenger elevators may not be used for deliveries, moving freight, furniture, boxes, equipment, handcarts/dollies, etc. These elevators are for normal floor-to-floor traffic only.
  6. Movers are responsible for protecting all corridor vinyl wall covering, tile floors and carpeting with a covering of plywood or masonite.
  7. Protect all corners and elevator door casings to avoid damage.
  8. Use moving equipment with rubber wheels (i.e. dollies, shell-carts, two-wheels, etc.).
  9. Motorized or manual pallet jacks are not allowed on the freight elevators.
  10. Dock clearance height is 14’.

If you have special moving requirements other than those outlined above, please contact the Cousins Management Office for approval and coordination.

Work Access Procedures

All contractors/vendors requesting access to perform work at Gateway Village must submit a Work Access Form, a copy of which is located in the Forms section. Work Access Forms may be submitted via fax at (704) 350-6201, by hand delivery to the Cousins Management Office or by e-mail at gatewayvillage@cousins.com. If the Work Access Form is submitted incomplete or is not submitted with the given time frame, it will be denied. For emergency work access, please call the Cousins Management Office at (704) 350-6200.

Once Cousins Properties has received the Work Access Form, it will be reviewed by the Engineering Department. If there are no discrepancies in the scope of the work, all necessary information has been provided and a detailed description of the work scope has been provided, the Work Access Form is processed and sent to security and to the loading dock. If the work requires the life safety system to be impaired, the Engineering staff may contact the contractor/vendor requesting work to assist in a walk-through of the project. A Work Access Form may only be requested to cover work up to seven days in duration; three days for hot work. After the elapsed time, the contractor/vendor shall submit a new request.

All contractors/vendors will check in with the loading dock prior to any work taking place. Contractors/Vendors will not begin work until they have been given clearance by the loading dock personnel. Contractors/Vendors will provide a valid photo ID in exchange for card access to the building. Vehicles are not permitted access to the loading dock except in the case of off-loading materials. Emergency dock parking will be determined on a case-by-case basis by Cousins Properties.

Reasons for Work Access Denial:

  • Incomplete Work Scope and/or Building Information
  • Conflicting Date/Times
  • Not Received
  • Needs Critical Facility Approval
  • Insufficient Notice
Tenant Alterations

Tenant lease agreements prohibit making alterations and additions to leased premises without the landlord’s consent. Please refer to your lease agreement prior to engaging contractors to perform work within your leased premises. A written approval request must be submitted along with plans, the name of the proposed contractor(s), and related insurance certificates. A sample Certificate of Insurance Form reflecting the insurance coverage requirements can be obtained by contacting the Cousins Management Office. Contractors who attempt to enter the property without a current Certificate of Insurance Form on file in the Cousins Management Office may be delayed or denied access to the building until the insurance certificate is obtained.

Electrical/Mechanical/Phone Rooms

Electrical, Mechanical and Telephone rooms are located on each floor in each building. They are for the use of maintenance personnel and approved contractors. Customers or their contractors who require access to these rooms must request this from the Management Office via a Work Access Request Form, located in the Forms section.


Property Management Holiday Closings:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day & Friday
  • Christmas Eve & Day

Management assistance is still available during Holiday hours. Please call our Security at (980) 683-0000 and they will contact one of our on-call management team members.

Heating, cooling and lighting are typically set at minimum levels during the Holidays above. Please submit a work order in advance to request lights and air be set at normal levels during Holidays or after hours as needed.